Enhacing Safety, Security, and Efficiency with ProVisit's Visitor Management Software

Posted on July 05, 2023

The Client: EuroGarages

Our client is a large-scale enterprise operating in a bustling, multifaceted environment, where managing visitor flows and ensuring site safety posed significant challenges.

The Challenge

Their primary concerns were improving health and safety processes, particularly in cases of fire evacuation, and enhancing site security by having an accurate understanding of who is on site and their respective hosts. Additionally, they sought to offer a more personalised service to their visitors and to enhance their corporate image.

The Solution: ProVisit's Visitor Management System

To address these issues, they implemented ProVisit’s Visitor Management System. With its comprehensive suite of features, ProVisit improved their health and safety processes, notably streamlining fire evacuation procedures. Knowing who is on site at any given moment has not only bolstered security but also improved visitor management, as the host is notified about their guests’ arrival through automated email notifications.

The Reception Module was instrumental in delivering personalised service. Its reporting functionality has proved invaluable, providing detailed visitor data that has greatly assisted in understanding and managing visitor flows. The ability to easily identify visitors has enabled the provision of a customised and personal service, significantly enhancing the visitor experience.

The Results

Implementing the ProVisit system has had a transformative impact. Not only has it improved safety and security measures, but it’s also saved time and facilitated the delivery of personalised service. The sleek interface and streamlined functionality of the ProVisit system have further enhanced the corporate image, projecting an image of modernity and efficiency.

Furthermore, the client emphasised the remarkable value for money offered by the ProVisit system, considering its breadth of features, ease of use, and the significant improvements it brought to their operations.


This case study highlights the versatile capabilities of ProVisit’s Visitor Management System. Whether for safety, security, visitor management, or corporate image enhancement, ProVisit has proven itself to be an adaptable, effective, and high-value solution.

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