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Digital pre-booking. Authorised visits for quicker sign-ins

Transform the way you welcome guests with ProVisit’s Prebooking feature. From personalised invitations to fast-track QR code entries, ensure every visitor’s experience is smooth, informed, and memorable. Dive into a world where preparation meets efficiency.

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Redefining First Impressions with Prebooking

Experience the evolution of visitor management with our digital pre-booking feature. Tailor every visit right from the invitation, ensuring your guests are well-prepared and informed even before they arrive. Dive in to see how digital pre-booking can elevate your visitor experience to new heights.

Step 1 - create an invite

Personalised Invitations for Every Visitor Type

Begin your visitor’s journey with a personalised invitation. With ProVisit’s dashboard, effortlessly set up an invitation specifying the visit date, time, location, and any other essential site information. Make every visitor feel special even before they step onto your premises

STEP 2 - complete site inductions

Streamlined Site Inductions for Every Guest

Ensure every visitor is well-informed and prepared. With ProVisit, you can customise site inductions and questions tailored to your site’s needs. Visitors complete these inductions before their arrival, ensuring they are familiar with site protocols and safety measures.

step 3 - request documents

Gather All Necessary Documents in Advance

Need specific documents from your guests? No problem! Request any relevant documents directly from the dashboard. Visitors can upload the required information ahead of time, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free entry process.


Quick and Contactless Digital Sign-ins

After completing the inductions and uploading necessary documents, visitors receive a unique QR Code. On arrival, they can simply scan this code at the kiosk for a fast-track, contactless entry. It’s efficient, safe, and super quick!

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"ProVisit has revolutionised our visitor experience; not only has it improved the way in which we book our guests in but also the way in which we manage them on site."

Ehla Hasware

House Manager for EuroGarages

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Integrate with access control and Identify who is coming and going with the use of RFID and track their movement to areas that are off-limits.

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