Visitor Management for Schools

Safeguard pupils and staff while managing visitors at your school

Simplify your school’s visitor management process with our efficient and secure system – designed to keep track of visitors and protect students

Join the growing number of institutions safeguarding their schools

Join the growing number of institutions safeguarding their schools



Empowering Schools with Smart and Secure Visitor Management

Our customised visitor management system offers a unique solution for schools to efficiently manage visitors with adaptable features


Make your school safe by displaying visitor policies, collecting visitor information and tracking who's on site.

Visitor Pass

Instantly print a visitor pass that provides a quick and easy way to identify visitors at school.

Photo Capture

Capture a photo during the sign-in process, making it easier for school staff to quickly identify individuals.


Easily see who is signed-in, out, or expected, providing an additional layer of security and identification.

Prebook Visitors

Schedule visits in advance, providing staff with valuable info about the visitor and their purpose for the visit.

Fire Reporting

Act quickly with one-click fire reporting, ensuring a swift and appropriate response.


Receive real-time alerts about visitor arrivals or when access is prevented at your school.

Deny Access

Make sure noone enters your school unchallenged with the feature of denying access to visitors on site.

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ProVisit is the trusted choice for companies of all sizes and industries seeking to transform and streamline their visitor management process.

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pricing made simple

Pricing made simple

Only pay for what you need. We offer a flexible approach for creating your very own bespoke ProVisit system.

access control visitor management


Integrate with access control and Identify who is coming and going with the use of RFID and track their movement to areas that are off-limits.

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