Streamlining Visitor Management for One Temple Row With ProVisit's Software Solution.

Posted on July 05, 2023

The Client: One Temple Row

One Temple Row is a renowned business hub that hosts an array of businesses from various sectors. The complexity of their business model, along with the high volume of visitors and employees each day, makes it a bustling hub of activity.

The Challenge

With such a broad and ever-changing range of personnel and visitors to manage, One Temple Row was experiencing operational bottlenecks, particularly with regards to their staff sign-in and visitor management processes. On a daily basis, they encountered a long list of visitors from different companies waiting for their hosts. This caused delays, confusion, and a lack of organization that was inefficient for both the staff and the visitors.

The primary challenge was to develop an efficient and systematic process to manage visitors and streamline the sign-in process for the staff, reducing wait times and improving the overall experience for all parties involved.

The Solution: ProVisit's Contractor and Visitor Management Software

Recognising the issues at hand, One Temple Row partnered with ProVisit, a leading provider of contractor and visitor management software solutions. ProVisit proposed their advanced software as a solution to alleviate the challenges faced by One Temple Row.

ProVisit’s software allows One Temple Row to invite and track who is arriving on-site in advance. Visitors enter the building and sign in using an interactive kiosk. They select who they are intending to visit, and their host is immediately notified.

The application of ProVisit’s software to One Temple Row’s visitor management processes represented a significant upgrade. It improved their operations, eliminated unnecessary waiting times, and allowed for the seamless entry and exit of visitors.

The Results

With the implementation of ProVisit’s software solution, One Temple Row has effectively streamlined its visitor management process from start to finish. The software has allowed them to eliminate bottlenecks, improve visitor experience, and enhance overall efficiency.

The interactive kiosk for visitor sign-in, in particular, has proven to be a game-changer. Visitors can now enter the building, sign in, and select their host autonomously, reducing the strain on front desk personnel.

Meanwhile, hosts are promptly notified about their guests’ arrival, allowing for a smoother transition and saving valuable time for all involved.

Overall, ProVisit’s software solution has significantly improved the operational flow at One Temple Row, making it a more inviting, efficient, and organised business hub.


One Temple Row’s experience underscores the transformative potential of ProVisit’s contractor and visitor management software. By tackling their core issues head-on, ProVisit was able to provide a tailored, effective solution that enhanced operations and improved visitor experiences. The successful partnership between One Temple Row and ProVisit serves as a testament to the potential benefits of streamlining processes and harnessing technology to meet operational challenges head-on.

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