Enhancing Contractor Management for Pet's Choice with ProVisit

Posted on July 05, 2023

The Client: Pet's Choice

Pet’s Choice is a premier pet food manufacturer, renowned for its commitment to quality and safety. However, managing their substantial contractor workforce while maintaining strict safety compliance proved to be a significant challenge.


The Challenge

The company required a more efficient contractor management process. They needed to streamline onboarding, reinforce safety protocols, and improve the integration of their existing access control systems, without compromising operational efficiency.

The Solution: ProVisit's Contractor Management Software

To overcome these hurdles, Pet’s Choice deployed ProVisit’s Contractor Management Software, renowned for its Online Inductions and permit-to-work functionalities.

By implementing ProVisit, Pet’s Choice revolutionized their contractor onboarding process. Online Inductions allowed contractors to undergo crucial training remotely, ensuring they were well-versed with the company’s safety protocols before stepping foot on-site.

Additionally, the permit-to-work feature introduced stringent safety measures by requiring contractors to obtain specific permits for high-risk tasks. This measure significantly reduced risks, enhanced efficiency, and ensured regulatory compliance.

Building on the success of the initial implementation, Pet’s Choice expanded their use of ProVisit to incorporate their existing access control systems. ProVisit worked alongside Pet’s Choice to seamlessly integrate their current mechanisms, including managing parking barriers for contractor access.

The Results

The implementation of ProVisit’s software significantly enhanced the contractor management process at Pet’s Choice. By unifying their contractor management procedures and integrating with their existing access control systems, ProVisit provided a comprehensive solution for Pet’s Choice’s evolving needs.

The streamlined processes have resulted in an increase in operational efficiency, improved safety compliance, and a reinforced commitment to their core values of quality and safety.


Pet’s Choice’s experience serves as a testament to the adaptability and effectiveness of ProVisit’s Contractor Management Software. It demonstrates how ProVisit can provide a custom, comprehensive solution for businesses, enhancing efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.

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