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From enrolment to managing visitors

Managing enrolment and visitors has never been easier - featuring digital and physical passes and advanced security and pre-booking capabilities.

Experience hassle-free enrolment and secure visitor management

We offer flexibility and various options to create yoru customised system, tailored specifically to your educational institution's needs.

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Your school security is a priority

Access valuable insights on expected visitors and contractors, including their scheduled arrival time and the name of the individual they are meeting. Prepare and ensure a seamless and efficient visitor management process.

Visitor Invitation

Welcome visitors with an invitation that contains all the relevant information about the visit, all from the dashboard.

Digital Induction

Create an off-site digital course for a contractor to conform with your site rules, policies and processes.


Issue a course completion certificate as evidence that visitors have passed your site induction.

Access Code

After completing a course, assign your visitor with their own unique QR code for a smooth, fast-track entry. 


Share optional questionnaires on the kiosk screen to ensure a visitor accepts your facility policies and procedures.

ID Badge

Issue photo ID passes from at the kiosk, containing important information so you never lose track on who’s on site.

spot incidents quickly

Turn away unwelcomed guests that don’t belong

Automatically detect people who don't have the authorisation to enter and put them on hold. Stop them from accessing sensitive areas, and make sure nothing is at risk.

Signatures and storage

Keep your intellectual property safe

Collect signatures on NDAs when visitors check in at the reception kiosk. Documents will be stored digitally and can easily be retrieved for future use.

Bon voyage, log books

Manage everything, all from one dashboard

ProVisits cloud-based visitor management system boasts an intuitive and efficient dashboard that allows for the seamless tracking of guests, documents and much more.

Real Time Monitoring

Keep accurate records of who’s been coming and going in real-time. Search & retrieve legal documents instantly.

Multi Site

Manage multiple sites, quickly see who’s signed in or expected, at which location all from one centralized dashboard.

Manage Users

Add users to whom you want access to your dashboard and set limits or restrictions as to what they can do.


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Specialised and tailored for you, we have a range of features that are flexible to suit contractors, employees, and visitors

Visitor Alerts

Create and update permits, assign rules and notifications for different stages of a permits' lifecycle.

Fire Roll Call

Accurately see who’s on site via email or make use of our mobile app to run an off-site fire report.


Work on more than one site at once. Use the dashboard to move between sites and share records.


Place repeat visitors in a watchlist and assign a reason. Flag their profile so it appears the instant they sign in.


Visitor ID badges show that guests completed the sign-in process and had their ID verified.

Access Codes

Combining permits with ProVisit ensures lead contractors can't sign out unless the permit has been closed.

pricing made simple

Pricing made simple

Only pay for what you need. We offer a flexible approach for creating your very own bespoke ProVisit system.

access control visitor management


Integrate with access control and Identify who is coming and going with the use of RFID and track their movement to areas that are off-limits.

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